- Meet Your Guide -


My name is Sabino Silva Bolivar. Born in Mara - Cotabambas - Apurimaq, I grew up in a very humble family of 11 siblings in a very small town of only 1,200 people. To reach the nearest city we would have to walk approximately 5 days if we wanted to buy something, like sugar or salt only once a year. We lived the same way our Inca ancestors did. We had no electricity, no internet, we had to walk two hours to go to school each way but we were happy. Our parents gave us good education, the place where we lived was a nice place and we were never hungry. We kept on going forward and kept on studying and for the improvement of our family I went to the University. At first it was very difficult because I had no one that could cook like my mom, but the real challenge was studying. I chose the History of Peru because to me it was very important to take to heart the history of my country. Since I was 8 I loved the story of my people and how people suffer day and night to provide education for their children.

During my studies at the University, I worked as a tour guide on the Inca trail and I was also a chef while I studied to become a Peruvian history professor. Now I share my life and the history of South America with my clients from all over the world, and I learned from them to be humble and worldly, like in a movie. I can speak 6 languages, Quechua, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and English, and I’ve worked with many travel agencies.

Also, my dream was to have a travel agency and help people in need like kids who have no family and kids who want to go to school, kids who have no medicine when they are sick and many other things. This is another dream come true with Vicuña Adventures Peru because a Vicuña is an animal that was never tamed and never will; it lives in the mountains over 5,000 ft high and is smart and strong like me. That’s why it never gives up, life is short and nothing is easy.